We are absolutely delighted to be able to tell you that we have had confirmation from the Chief Dental Officer for Wales, that dental services in Wales are commencing de-escalation.

Although we have been open throughout the pandemic for emergencies this now means that from July 1 we will be able to open during our normal working hours for you and your families

We wish to ensure that your appointment is as efficient as possible and in particular we want to understand your particular requirements.

Please cancel your appointment if you or any of your family have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been contacted by the NHS tracing system or are self- isolating

We need to know if you (or parent/carer attending) are an NHS identified vulnerable or shielded person. (guidance-on-shielding-and-protecting-extremely-vulnerable-persons-from-covid-19)

We will also need your up to date medical history. All of this information will help us to confirm that you have been offered the right category of appointment.

Also, we are working together with NHS Wales to try to contact all of our patients by phone to do a short oral health risk assessment. This is called an ACORN assessment and all NHS dental patients in Wales have to have an ACORN assessment now as part of their routine dental care.

The ACORN assessment forms the first part of your dental examination appointment and it will help both us and you by:

  • Opening up your new NHS course of treatment and recording all the information that we will need before you can be seen by a dentist.
  • Reducing the time needed at your next dental examination so your appointment can be shorter and allowing us to follow up with you afterwards so that we can see how you are getting on and if you need any more help or advice.
  • Helping us to understand before your appointment the type of support that you can access to get information to help you improve both your general and oral health.

For example, the type of help that we can give you is advice and information sheets, and a personal prevention plan including oral hygiene advice, how to brush your teeth better as well as how to adopt a healthier lifestyle that applies.

The day of your appointment

 Before you leave home please remember for your safety it is important for you to:

  • Attend on your own unless you are with a child or vulnerable person who needs support
  • Have some light refreshments
  • Brush your teeth
  • Visit the toilet as access to our facilities will be restricted.

 Please bring with you:

  • Minimal personal items
  • Face covering
  • A large plastic bag so that your personal items for example coat and mobile phone, can be stored safely during your appointment.

When you arrive at the practice:

  • The doors may be locked, we will be expecting you so either knock or telephone our reception and we will come to collect you.

For your absolute safety, once you are in the practice, we will ask if you or any of your family have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been contacted by the NHS tracing system or are self- isolating.

We hope that you will find it reassuring to know that we perform daily ‘risk assessments’ on each member of our team ensuring that anyone who shows any signs or symptoms remains at home for the required period.

In The Practice

Once in the practice we will invite you to wash your hands or use hand

Once in the practice we will, ensure you are wearing a face covering, ask you to put on shoe coverings and invite you to wash your hands or use hand sanitiser. We will ensure that social distancing is maintained at all times for the safety of everyone.

You will notice immediately that there will be very few people in the practice and that every member of our team is wearing different types of Personal Protective Equipment for the different roles that they have however we are the same team underneath it all.

We will ask you to place your belongings in your plastic bag for ease and we will proceed with your treatment. It will reassure you to know that in between patients’ appointments we complete a thorough decontamination, infection control and sterilisation process. We ensure that we use the latest ‘evidenced based’ approach and will be happy to discuss this with you.

When you see your dentist, therapist or hygienist for your appointment, they will confirm your medical history and carry out an ‘on the day’ risk assessment and consent process.

Whilst it will seem like there are many questions, we do this with your safety in mind.

Whilst usually, you would be asked to sign:

1. NHS forms

2. Consent for treatment

3. Medical history confirmation

During these times, in order to take all possible measure to reduce risk of transmission, we need to do this verbally and then we will document this on your computerised dental records.

When your treatment is completed you will be invited to complete contactless payment and use a hand sanitiser before safely leaving the building.

We will aim to complete your treatment in one visit however if you do require a further appointment one of our team will contact you to arrange this and answer any questions that you may have.

We know that you have a choice when it comes to choosing your dental practice and we at Rodericks would like to say thank you for continuing to choose us. It is our absolute pleasure to be able to welcome you back into our practice.

Symptoms of COVID

The most important symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are recent onset of any of the following:

1. A NEW continuous cough


2. High Temperature

3. A loss of, or change in your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

For most people, coronavirus (COVID-19) will be a mild illness. However, if you have any of the symptoms above you must stay at home and arrange to have a test to see if you have COVID-19 – go to testing to arrange.