Occasionally your dentist may recommend you seek the opinion of a specialist or highly skilled and experienced dentist for treatment. This may be because the treatment you need is complex or it requires the expertise of a Dentist with the required skills to give you a wider choice of treatment options. When your dentist refers you, they do so with your needs in mind.

We have dedicated centres within a number of our dental practices offering care by referral. This allows us to provide excellent continuity of care and ensures your treatments are delivered by like-minded people who communicate clearly with your dentist and with you.

Our team of registered specialists and dentists with a special interest are committed to ongoing postgraduate education ensuring that the treatments we offer are the best available and performed to the highest standards.

How Does It Work?

We follow these simple steps:

  1. Your dentist will carry out your examination which, in this scenario, results in a recommendation to refer you for treatment. If you would like to take this option, your details will be sent in writing to the treating dentist.
  2. A member of the practice team to which you have been referred will contact you to book your consultation and answer any questions you have.
  3. At your consultation, the dentist will perform the necessary examination on your tooth or teeth and assess your suitability for treatment.
  4. They will then discuss your needs and aspirations with you and provide a comprehensive written treatment plan (this is occasionally sent by post a few days later).

If you accept a treatment plan, your treatment will commence as soon as possible.

On completion of treatment, you will return to your own dentist for your continued care. The treating dentist will write to your regular dentist with the details of your treatment and to let them know it has been completed.

We believe it is our duty to provide you with all appropriate treatment options based on your needs and what you would like to achieve. We do not, and will not, pressurise you. Our approach is not sales based. We feel that if we take good care of you, you will be happy to return to us.

If you would like to know about our finance options for higher cost treatments, a member of the practice team can explain the products available via their practice.

Advanced Dental Treatment

11 Root-Canal


You may be suitable for root canal therapy. When a cavity is large and extends into the inner part of the tooth,

04 Implant

Dental Implants

Eat, speak and smile with confidence again. Dental implants – the modern choice for tooth replacement.

08 Diagnostics

Oral Surgery

Minor Oral Surgery is referred treatment for facial injuries affecting the mouth or teeth and for complicated

24 Braces-Bottom


Braces are used to improve the position and function of crooked teeth and of course to improve their appearance.

23 Brushing


The normal cause is often created by lifestyle choices or inefficient cleaning, but whatever the reason,

25 Braces-Top

Short-term Tooth Straightening

Braces are used to improve the position and function of crooked teeth and of course to improve their appearance.

47 Anesthesia

Treatment Under Sedation

If you experience high anxiety about dental treatment, sedation is an option for you.